Enjoy the experience of the handiest system for trucking business.


My Trucking Board runs your business with as little input as possible. It will help make your time more efficient and your work more functional.

All in One Board

One board for online training, safety, billing, statements and loads.

Free Landing Page

Just a few clicks and your landing page is ready to promote your message and recruit drivers.

Online Access

All your trucking information will be accessible online 24/7

Want to try it? Start a two-week free trial!

We help you collect all the information about your company in order to get setup online and to start using the application.

Online Trainings Platform

The Platform is designed to offer easy tools for organizing online training for your drivers. All you need is to create tests on different subjects for training purpose. The Platform is an ideal tool for testing your drivers on topics such as safety, company rules, regulations, etc.

  • Upload your own videos, pdf and image files to customize your tests.
  • Easy test assignment to drivers / Test accesibility on any devices .
  • Online certificates awarded after each successful test/module is completed.

Easier than ever to be a Dispatch

The Dispatch Board gives all the necessary tools to track your loads and drivers in terms of pickup and delivery locations, gross, and rates per mile. Data is displayed in real time and accessible to co-workers, safety and accounting departments, and managers.

  • Be able to keep track of your favorite brokers and profitable destinations.
  • Keep track of your drivers’ routes using the dispatch board schedule.
  • Use internal chat for immediate communication.

Effective Safety Helper

This Board provides tools to track any expiring document for drivers, trucks and trailers. It keeps the safety tasks up to date in terms of claims, accidents and maintenance. It has never been easier to track insurance on drivers and equipment.

  • Be up to date with our alerts for expiration documents on any driver or equipment.
  • New drivers can apply for a job using the online application.
  • Easy file management and storage.

Never miss any accounting task!

Easily upload factoring invoices and payments with just one click. My Trucking Board helps you find missing rate confirmations, proof of deliveries, invoices and statements. Stay focused only on the dashboard.

  • Customized schedules of monthly and weekly deductions.
  • Easy upload of fuel and factoring reports.
  • Customized emails ready to be sent to drivers, brokers or collector agencies.

Why you should use My Trucking Board

My Trucking Board is the newest and most accessible system for keeping your trucking business focused on higher leverage activity.

No territory restrictions

Access your data from any country and continent.

Unlimited users

Free to create as many users as you want.

Online storage

All of your data is stored online so you don't have to depend on one computer or person.

24/5 Support

Our support team will resolve any open ticket 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Secure / Back up / Recovery

MTB uses third party products to secure, back up and recover your work.

Computer / Tablet / Phone

MTB is friendly with any device.

Support: Call, Chat, Ticket

Our team is always on hand to help answer your questions, get you started, and offer help using the application. You can call, chat or email us any time!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do I buy My Trucking Board for my business?

To purchase My Trucking Board, contact our sales team at (888) 897-0123, chat with us, or send us a message to sales[at]mytruckingboard.com. We will discuss your business needs to sugest the best solution for you.

How long does it take to setup My Trucking Board for my business?

You can get your company set up and have the landing page within 3-5 days after you have decided to try My Trucking Board. A member of our team will explain you how everything is working and will provide technical support for free.

What are my payment options? Does My Trucking Board offer month-to-month contracts?

We accept all major credit or debit cards. Optionally, you may switch to an eCheck (via ACH) method after you complete the initial payment. You can also choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis.

You can choose a month to month plan with no obligation, or you can maximize your savings by committing to a contract term for up to one year.

How do I cancel My Trucking Board account?

We are happy to discuss any concerns you have with My Trucking Board. If you wish to make changes to your account, please call the Customer Relations team at (888) 897-0123 or email suppor[at]mytruckingboard.com so we can listen and resolve any of your outstanding concerns.